I started this blog because for as long as I can remember I’ve always drawn and doodled 3d sketches that have an unapologetic dearth of meaning.

Whether it was in a 6th grade English class, during a Peter Eisenman lecture in grad school, or when I should have been CADing while working at Robert A M Stern Architects: I was busy diagramming nonsense. The sketches are usually meaningless and could be described as the love child of Mark Kistler (of Draw Squad fame!) and James Stirling. I draw my inspiration from architecture, furniture, engineering, geometry, cereal boxes, Lego instructions, and Etch A Sketch memories. I always use pen and ink because erasing is for wimps.

This blog chronicles my attempt beginning September 7, 2013 of a yearlong endeavor to draw one absurd diagram a day. I’m doing it because of my sincere belief that setting aside time to doodle useless stuff is extremely useful.

The drawings appear meaningful without actually being helpful. Some might seem to reference real things or show some sort of relationship between things, but this is merely accidental. Enjoy.

Most original drawings are 7.5″ x 10″ on buff acid free paper and are available for purchase from Etsy. For custom illustration or furniture inquiries please email me at josh@nordeastindustries.com

Check back soon for limited edition prints to become available.

-Josh Lewandowski

 About me:

I was born 1983 in Minneapolis, MN, did a double major in Art and Architecture at the University of Minnesota and a Masters of Architecture at Yale University. In 2009 after working at Robert A M Stern Architects in NYC, I moved back to Minnesota where I taught Art and Design and founded Nordeast Industries, a furniture design studio that I currently run. Check out some of our work at:


https://www.facebook.com/NordeastIndustriesWalnut and Cowhide Lounge

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